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my heart has been captured
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i don't know for sure
where this is going

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Shakera's Birthday! :D (Thursday, October 7, 2010 / 8:02 PM)

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet wifey! :D Hahaha finally sixteen :P
Today we had special lunch - Curry chicken and Fried rice. :D It was awesome cause it's handmade by shake's mummy! :D hahaha.
Vivian, Julia, Cindy, Claudia, Eon, and I gave her a handmade Heart basket (by me) and a small birthday card. :) Hope she likes it :D


We all celebrated Claudia's Birthday last Saturday and the theme is Nerdy Clau vs Tomboys. xD haha! So we were all dressed up like tomboys and she's the nerd girl. :P

Hahaha this is how i looked like xD

It was a fun fun day! We had so many games like treasure hunt, generation by generation, guess song, guess drinker and etc! :D


School's kinda boring now. D: Next next week is our Third Term Exam. Can't believe it's so fast! :( I AM WORRIED FOR CHEMISTRY AND SEJARAH . I can't remember the equations, and the long names of the past ppl. D: Add maths, i guess i'm fine. Physics, i like it. Biology, I just need to memorise bacteria names. xD Good luck to me? Sigh*


Jaomi and Kim is planning for 2C reunion! :D It's really coming trueee. :D and they went around to ask 2c-ians to sign whether to hold the reunion publicly or for 2C only, and all of us signed 2C only! :D Great great great! :D i really can't wait. I missed EVERY single moment in 2C'08. Like the best class ever, cause we don't study! hahaha. :D I really hope we can have more reunions to come, so we can see everyone of us getting older and older year by year, together. :)


Badminton this Saturday! :D Love badminton no matter what. :)


Mummy said we're going Salvation Army to visit the kids! :D I really can't wait to meet my Tina and Jacky. Hope they grew up perfectly. LOL!

It's late now. Bye!

Julia's Birthday! :) (Tuesday, September 21, 2010 / 8:41 PM)

Happy Birthday Julia! :) HAHA.
Today was aweesome! This morning we sang birthday song to her once she entered the class room and she received hugs from all of us. :) Then in the third period, we had Sejarah test Chap 5 which is so horrible. -.- PJK is after that and we played badminton! Fun fun . :D After that, it's break time, and another birthday song is sang by us at the canteen. :D Skip to lunch, we had a normal eating routine, then Julia spilled her curry chicken soup on her PE shirt and decided to change to her uniform. So, i followed her to the toilet. :P when we were on the way back, i took of her specs and covered her eyes! She was screaming like crazy LOL! :) then i brought her to our table, and when i opened her eyes an awesome cake with lighted candles is on the table. I guess she was shocked? Cause she didn't really seemed surprised. :O Anyway, the cake was amazing! Yummy. Choc flavour with thick icing. :P Then, Vivian suddenly dabbed cream on Julia, and the cake fight began. :D However, we couldn't play much because the prefects will scold us. x.x After that, we went back to class.

I made a card for her with Clau, and it turned out great! I really hope Julia will like it. :) And also, Clau's printing the pictures tonight cause i bought a photo frame. :D

Haha i made the card since 7.00pm! :O It took me one full hour. xD
Hope she likes it! :)
Happy sweet sixteen, my Lee sister! :D


Vampire Diaries. :) (Wednesday, September 15, 2010 / 11:31 PM)

Okay, so i'm recently watching Vampire Diaries, and i just finished it today! :D hahaha. But i only finished the season 1 though. :) Now watching season 2, episode 1. :D So excited! However, i'm not as crazy as Vivian or Julia or Cindy or Yeo Wen or Claudia about Ian Somerhalder. O_O My taste, is obviously different. :D haha! I like this series, because it keeps me company when i'm bored, and it's quite addictive. :O Can't wait until the whole season 2 came out! It's coming out one episode each week now, which made all of us so kin tio. Cause the plot very exciting. :P

Tomorrow, Cin and Clau will be coming over to do Bio Project. :) Can't wait to have fun. Hahaha :D

-Watching now.
Cyn. :)

Earrings! (Saturday, September 11, 2010 / 2:15 PM)

Yesterday's Raya! :D haha. Went to my aunt's house for visiting. :)
Her curry still as nice as ever. :) And i wore the first hanging earrings! haha! My birthday present from Vivian :D Thanks, girl! :)

Later in the night, i went to Four Points! My first time there so very sakai. haha! :P My cousin's getting married this Monday. And she's not local, so Four Points is the place everyone's gonna go that day. Sad i'll be missing the morning and afternoon part, cause i have school. D: But I won't miss the dinner! hahaha. Oh and i love their wedding photo shoot! :D So pretty! :)

Nice right? :D haha!
Bye gotta off now. ~ Vampire Diaries :P

Mel's Birthday Celebration! :) (Wednesday, September 8, 2010 / 4:42 PM)

Yesterday, we had another 4B hang out for Mel's b'day. :D
Met at Spring at 1pm + , and we all chose to watched Piranha since it was recommended by Joel. I thought it was a nice and exciting movie at first, cause i watched the trailer before, but it turned out to be super disgusting. -.- Was having a little trouble sleeping last night cause paranoid the Piranha would eat my legs. D: And, Cindy went out with Elisa in the middle of the movie cause she can't take the disgusting-ness. :( Then left me and Mel as girls on that row and we were practically shaking and covering our eyes. x.x

The movie ended at 3.15pm, so we thought it was too early to end the hang out, so we watched Step Up 3 instead. :D Starts at 4.15pm, ends at 6.00pm. :) It was still nice, although it's my second time watching it [Moose is damn hot] . :D Oh yeah, forgot to blog that i went out last Saturday with Cin, Kim and Vivian to watch Step Up 3. :P

After that, my car came so i gotta leave. ): Some of them went to Haidee's house for another swim. Haha! Derrick and Lester were the only guys swimming with them :P They surprised Mel with the cake that we all bought. Sad i didn't get to see it. D: But anyway, it's another happy day! :D


Saturday hang out. :)

Missed hanging out with Kim lah, seriously. :/ It's been a long time. Hope there will be some more! :D haha.

Oh, and hope i can go Joel's birthday party this Saturday. xD

Fun in ICT :D (Monday, September 6, 2010 / 2:06 PM)

Here are some pictures we took during ICT lesson for fun! :)
OH and also, happy birthday to Mel today. :D

Hahaha! It was crazy moments. :D

Best Farewell party ever. :) (Sunday, September 5, 2010 / 9:34 PM)

On Tuesday, 31 August 2010, was the best day ever. :D
Morning, i woke up at 7am for Leo Charity Sale at Boy's Home Salvation Army.
Did my shouting from 8.00am until 10.00am. :) And went home after that. :D

Cin picked me up at around 1.30pm and we went to Spring to surprise Tracy. :)
It's a belated birthday celebration thingy, at Secret Recipe. It's been a long time since we've seen her. She's still as pretty. ;D It was Bren's idea. haha :D

After that, we tumpang Bren's car to her house so she could change for the party later. :D And we picked Karen from her house, and bought some potluck things, and went to haidee's house. :D Man, her house is huge. :O
Then, everything started there. We were having potluck, so me and cin were in charge of drinks. :) Winston brought like two large trays of pork rib, and i'm not sure about the rest. :D
We started the bbq at around 5.00pm while waiting for ppl to arrive. :D
The food was amazing. :P yummy yummy. and then, we all camwhore here and there to kill time. :D Around 7pm + , we started jumping into the swimming pool. :D haha! It was really fun, cause it's my first time, playing with so many ppl in a pool. Felt excited. :3 Anyway, let the picture do the talking! :D

It was definitely an unforgettable day! ^_^